Yacht stabilizers for roll damping, pitch damping and yaw control from RotorSwing Marine are innovative and affordable.

RotorSwing Marine is the inventor of the unique Magnus effect yacht stabilizer. The Magnus RotorSwing  is the most efficient yacht stabilizer available to provide roll damping for displacement vessel yachts while cruising and while at anchor.  We have improved our ZeroSpeed stabilizer with a longer arm and stronger motors to increase efficiency.

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RotorSwing zerospeed stabilizer for providing roll damping for yachts and anchor and while sailing.


With this roll damping system, the Magnus effect is being utilized in place of traditional fins or gyros. We are the inventors of the electrical Magnus Rotor!

The RotorSwing Magnus was invented for roll damping while cruising at low cruising speeds for displacement vessels (0-13 knots).  It is now also available with Zerospeed option to provide for extreme effective roll damping at anchor! It consists of rapidly rotating Magnus effect rotors, which generate an enormous upward or downward damping force. The Rotors automatically retract while idling or going astern.

The patented RAKE function automatically engages while cruising at higher speeds to decrease drag. This decreases fuel consumption for your yacht.


Increase comfort while cruising with RotorSwing yacht stabilizers


The above RotorSwing yacht stabilizer has many additional benefits compared to other roll damping systems. It provides roll damping while cruising and roll damping at anchor (Zerospeed) and also fights a following sea. The RotorSwing is retractable and horizontally positioned. The patented RAKE function can be set in a preset trailing angle to decrease drag. Less drag means lower fuel consumption! Since our yacht stabilizers extend the ship's hull boundary (hull envelope), they are far more effective than regular fin stabilizers. They also generate continuous lift forces throughout the whole trajectory of the roll (as opposed to gyro stabilizers).

Our mission is to provide you with highly efficient roll damping while cruising and at anchor!

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