Yacht stabilizers for roll damping, pitch damping and yaw control from RotorSwing Marine are innovative and affordable.

RotorSwing Marine is the inventor of two unique yacht stabilizers, specifically designed for certain yacht types. The RotorSwing Magnus is the most efficient yacht stabilizer available to provide roll damping for slower yachts while cruising and while at anchor.  The WING yacht stabilizer is a fin stabilizer that provides roll damping, pitch damping and yaw control both while cruising and at anchor. Both models are patented yacht stabilizers with unsurpassed performance.

RotorSwing Magnus effect

With this roll damping system, the Magnus effect is being used in place of traditional fins or gyros. We are the inventors of the electrical Magnus Rotor!

The RotorSwing Magnus was invented for roll damping while cruising at low throttle.  It is now also available with Zerospeed option to provide for extreme effective roll damping at anchor! It consists of rapidly rotating Magnus effect cylinders which generate an enormous upward or downward damping force. The Rotors automatically retract while idling or going astern.

The patented RAKE function automatically engages while cruising at higher speeds to decrease drag. This decreases fuel consumption for your yacht.

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WING yacht stabilizer

The WING yacht stabilizer has been invented for yacht owners who like to benefit from a yacht stabilizer that controls all unwanted secondary rotations.

Especially owners of yachts between 12 and 35 meters (40 – 115 feet) will benefit from this patented 3-axis yacht stabilizer. The WING yacht stabilizer not only controls roll damping but also pitch damping and yacht control.

The patented system also controls optional Dynamic Positioning (DP), Emergency Propulsion (EP) and even functions as a Trim Tab. The WING is a yacht stabilizer that is designed to provide comfort while cruising in any weather condition and to provide roll damping at anchor - Zerospeed.

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Increase comfort while cruising with RotorSwing yacht stabilizers

There are many benefits purchasing a RotorSwing yacht stabilizer. The systems provide roll damping while cruising, roll damping at anchor (Zerospeed), pitch damping or a way to fight a following sea, RotorSwing Marine has the solution. Our mission is to provide you with comfort at sea and roll damping at anchor!

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