Yacht stabilizers from Rotorswing

There are many advantages to the yacht stabilizers from RotorSwing compared to other roll damping system on the market.

The most important advantages is that the system is a retractable Magnus effect stabilizer and that it provides an unsurpassed roll damping at lower speeds.  The RotorSwing yacht stabilizer is also extremely silent and is outfitted with the patented RAKE function, to minimize drag while cruising at higher speeds. RotorSwing yacht stabilizers are affordable and provide the best solution for roll damping up to 15 knots.


With and without RotorSwing

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Schematic of a RotorSwing installation.

The Retractable Magnus Effect yacht Stabilizers

RotorSwing is the first fully electrically driven, non-hydraulic yacht stabilizer system for yachts up to 30m based on the Magnus effect.
Instead of traditional fins, the system uses rapidly rotating cylinders which, subject to the direction of rotation, generate an up or downward pressure.
The control panel for this stabilizer has only 2 buttons through which you can access all functions.

Control Panel with user friendliness in mind

The control panel has only two buttons: Park (off) and Drive (stabilizer on).

The electric control system of the RotorSwing yacht stabilizer is designed around user friendliness.  Don't be fooled with this ergonomic design.  The control system constantly learns the behavior of the sea condition you are in and makes all adjustments to provide you with a smooth ride or anchorage.

For testing purposes, a hidden "Forced Roll" button can be accessed to test the effectiveness of the stabilizers.

Click here to watch our forced roll video

RotorSwing Marine has delivered many yacht stabilizers throughout the world. Many of our clients have chosen the RotorSwing system over other roll damping equipment, because of the incredible efficiency and multi-functionality. 

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