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Introducing the RS140 Zero-Speed stabilizer

RS Marine is setting a whole new standard in pleasure craft stabilization with their RS140 Zero-Speed solution. This stabilizer will be RS Marine’s long term answer to a market which demands true super yacht style functionality. Of course RS Marine is well known for introducing the first fully electrically driven, roll damping system, based on the…
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We can’t make you believe, you will have to see it for yourself.

Because we can merely tell you how it works, we felt it was of utmost importance to provide all our potential clients the opportunity to witness our stabilizers in motion. Leaving it up to them to decide if the system is effective or not. In February 2016 our search for an independent partner to organize…
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Dreaming about coastal exploring.

Sailing a yacht is something you will rarely experience solely by you self, as guests often play an important role in creating the perfect trip. But when the first effects of sea sickness occur, everyone will want to escape your yacht. They will lose sight of the incredible adventure they are taking part in, and…
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“It starts as a dream, but you need ideals to follow through”

“If only moderate yachts cruising at economical speeds could be effectively stabilized, wouldn’t that be lovely” Theo Koop didn’t just have a dream when he designed the first fully electric Magnus effect stabilizer. He had an ideal. Coming of age and being an active player in the yacht stabilization branch for decades, Theo learned that true…
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Magnus Effect

What does the Magnus effect have to do with stabilization? The Magnus RotorSwing, is based on an effect that is being utilized in ball sports, such as tennis. When the player hits top spin, the opponent will be surprised with an incoming ball that is being pushed to the ground faster. During backspin, the opposite…
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RAKE with Magnus Rotorswing

The patented RAKE option for the Magnus Rotorswing turns out to be a great success.  If the vessel increases its cruising speed, this function will semi-retract the rotors towards the aft.  This will minimize drag and therefore decrease fuel consumption. The combination of retractability and RAKE function makes this Magnus stabilizer unsurpassed. Rake semi-retracts the Rotors…
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