Boat stabilizers publications

Boat Stabilizers Publications

Rotorswing boat stabilizers are successfully being used throughout the whole world. We are specialized in motion control and specifically, roll damping, pitch damping and yaw control. Our Magnus rotor system is ideal for low cruising speeds and roll damping at anchor, or Zerospeed for short. The rapidly rotating cylinders spin to generate a lift force. Rake is an added option for the Rotorswing system for vessels that cruise between 12 and 14 knots. The rotors automatically swing towards aft to limit drag and fuel consumption. When at anchor and at low speeds (3 knots and below) the rotors swing back and forth to mimic fast flowing water over the rotors.

The Wing yacht stabilizer is an high aspect ratio fin to general lift like a fin stabilizer. The big difference between a fin stabilizer and a RotorSwing Wing is that this boat stabilizer is positioned horizontally and larger (extends outside the hull envelope). The results: far more lift than a regular fin stabilizer.

Below you will find a few articles about the RotorSwing boat stabilizers.

Motorboat and yachting - Steady progress with the WING

Wing stabiliser

"With wings that fold away, the new RotorSwing stabilising system is somewhat unconventional"

"This wacky new stabilising system from Dutch company RotorSwing may look like the result of too much time spent in an Amsterdam ‘coffee shop’, but it is actually a deadly serious project. RotorSwing has bought its own test bed, a 26-knot Colvic Sunquest 43, and is developing its Wing system with the Quantum group that supplies stabilisers to the superyacht market.  RotorSwing also has the benefit of having engineered the high-speed electric motors and control systems that are used on its existing Magnus stabiliser (see MBY August 2015 for our test on a Linssen Grand Sturdy), which are very similar in their execution."

RotorSwing boat stabilizers tested on Linssen sea trial

Magnus rotors

Can this pair of spinning cylinders from RotorSwing really stop a Linssen Grand Sturdy 52.9 from rolling? Dave Marsh travels to Germany find out...

When it comes to stabilisers, we’ve witnessed a whole Industrial Revolution’s worth of development in the space of a few short years.

Gyros have got smaller, faster and cheaper, and what used to be simple fins now come in multiple mix-and-match forms: straight or curved, electric or hydraulic, conventional or zero-speed, and there’s even the WING yacht stabiliser like a pair of wings.

following sea
by: Yvonne Zwaan - MOTORBOOT Holland

No fins but Magnus Rotors

The Magnus RotorSwing is a boat stabilizer system for yachts up to 30 meters (100 feet). Instead of using the well-known fin stabilizers, this system is composed of two rotating cylinders.

These generate a lift force up or down depending on the direction of rotation. We stepped on board the ship of Theo Koop, the inventor of the Magnus RotorSwing, to test this roll damping system on the North Sea.

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