Forced Roll

Forced Roll

Forced roll is a function that comes standard with a RotorSwing roll damping system. This forced roll mode is basically a testing mode for the RotorSwing, that makes your yacht roll drastically as if you were riding "the perfect storm".  This function is excellent for testing the effectiveness of the RotorSwing system, but is also used by our skilled technicians to acquire objective measurements such as the ship's roll-period and the roll damping percentage.  


Watch our video which will demonstrate the incredible power of the RotorSwing System.

This forced roll function will quickly bring the yacht into a nauseating roll.  After the yacht is rolling intensively, a simple press on the button of the control panel will bring the RotorSwing system out of the forced roll and back into the normal roll damping function.

Warning:  Even though the forced roll button is hidden underneath the control panel, we recommend to use caution while placing your vessel into this mode. Since the RotorSwing® stabilizers are extremely powerful, your vessel will be brought into an extreme roll angle! 

We have taken many yacht owners,  after a RotorSwing® installation, on their first testing trip.  If during such a testing trip there are no waves of significance, we will simply engage the forced roll to show you what the system is capable of doing.

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Forced roll testing

This graph shows the forced roll in action. Even without any waves, the efficiency of the roll damping system can be tested and measured. Roll damping with RotorSwing Marine is a science and proven concept!

forced roll

Forced roll is used to test the magnus rotors and yacht stabilizers

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