GRP Vessel Installation

GRP vessel equipped with RotorSwing system

GRP vessel can be easily installed with RotorSwing yacht stabilizers. RotorSwing Marine calculates the correct GRP installation method and adds additional strength to where the welding bushing meets the hull.  Safety is our priority. Since many GRP vessels build these days for speed, the Magnus Rotor offers an optional Rake function.  With this option, the rotors swing automatically towards the aft (up to 70 degrees) to decrease drag and fuel!

Roll damping system on Grand banks

RotorSwing under a Grand banks

In early March 2015, a RotorSwing system was installed on board of the already cruising Grand Banks 53 Aleutian. Due to it being a fast cruising yacht, the installed rotor system includes the patented ‘Rake’ function.

With this ‘Rake’ functionality, the rotors can be set at an angle of around 45°, enabling the vessel to benefit from optimal roll reduction whilst cruising at speeds of 10 to 16 knots. At higher speeds, the rotors are retracted back against the hull to minimize resistance.


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