Magnus Rotor Steel Assembly

Magnus Rotor Assembly in Steel Yachts

rotorswing on a steel installation

The Magnus rotorswing ready to be shipped to a client with a steel vessel.

A Magnus Rotor can fairly easily be installed in steel vessels. When purchasing a Magnus RotorSwing or WING yacht stabilizer, the instructions are clear and straight forward. We pride ourselves in delivering top quality stabilizers with low tolerance that can be installed in a short time.

Check out the main steps below while installing a Magnus Rotor on a steel vessel.

Welding bushing yacht

Here we can see the outside of the steel vessel that is ready to receive the Magnus Rotor.  The bushing has been welded in the steel hull.  The grey disc is the MDF cover plate that protects the inside of the bushing against weld spatter and paint.

Welding bushing inside yacht

Welding Bushing Seen from the Inside Steel Vessel for Magnus Rotor

On the inside of the steel ship, the grey MDF cover safeguards the accurately machined interior of the bushing against dirt and damage.

welding bushing for steel vessel

Cover Plates Removed from the Magnus Rotor

After dismantling the cover plates, the residual paint can be removed easily.

drive unit being pulled inside

To make the installation easy, a mechanical hoist can be used to pull the drive unit into the cavity.

Drive and gear box

This picture shows the inside after fitting the gearbox to the unit.

Drive motor with gears.

The gears are then fitted and are ready to receive the drive motor.

Drive shaft is now ready to receive epoxy and kevlar tube that creates the Magnus Effect.

Drive in PARK Position Magnus Rotor

The bulk of the work has been done.  The tapered drive shaft is now ready to receive the epoxy/kevlar tube that creates the Magnus Effect.

Drive motor and gear

The gear with the drive motor has an additional handwheel in order to park the rotor if no electric power is available during emergencies.

mechanical installation magnus rotor

In addition, the black servo motor is now fitted.  The blue swivel motor can be rotated in various positions if space limitations are present.

Steel installation Magnus Rotor

The two proximity switches for the PARK and DRIVE position can be fine tuned with the adjustable end stops

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