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RotorSwing & ADLER

RotorSwing 140 Multi roll yacht stabiliser

This Fairline Squadron 55 is fitted with a RotorSwing 140 Multi, which is the ZeroSpeed version. The sea trial was performed while battling a 2.5 meter beam sea during wind-force 5. Since the natural roll period of this yacht is 3 seconds, the yacht stabilisers have to work fast and hard. RotorSwing has developed new technology that can cope with this kind of fast roll on a GRP ship. It is currently available under its code name 140 Multi. The performance of the yacht stabiliser not only performed outstanding at half sea but also during fast turns and following sea. Following sea is especially difficult to control, but RotorSwing has conquered this challenge.

Anatomy of the Underway roll damping system

This yacht stabilizer by RotorSwing Marine is the Underway version. This video shows the main anatomical structures. Only a small area within the engine room is required to install the system.

The yacht stabilizer is also very flexible in terms of installation placement (anywhere between aft or midships). This is due to the fact that the RotorSwing yacht stabilizer is installed almost horizontally and therefore eliminates steering effects. The belt drive has been proven to be successful for many years in the automotive industry..

Forced Roll

Roll Damping for Underway and ZeroSpeed

Roll Damping with RotorSwing while cruising

Rotorswing 140 Multi

Rotorswing Testing

Zerospeed Roll Damping

Zerospeed through Roll Damping system Rotorswing


Anatomy of the Underway roll damping system

The RotorSwing Underway has received many technological advancements. We continuously perform rigorous testing and objective measurements to make sure we offer the best in Roll damping technology. Click on the image to view the anatomy of the Underway model.


Vessel Data Collection

Vessel Data Collection

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