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One Rotor System enough for effective roll damping?

Choose for either the WING or the RotorSwing.

After having enjoyed the success of the RotorSwing at cruise and the WING at cruise, we now are introducing the RotorSwing ZeroSpeed MK2.

When we introduced the first version of the ZeroSpeed Magnus system several years ago, it turned out that the maintenance requirements were too high.

Therefore, we totally redesigned the equipment from the ground up and are extremely proud to reintroduce an even more compact RotorSwing ZeroSpeed MK2.

In contrast to a fin stabilizer, where the water displacement during wagging through the water results in a Drag force, the rotor creates a Lift force. And Lift is far more efficient than Drag.Because in contrast with a fin, where the water displacement during wagging through the water results in a Drag force, the rotor creates a Lift force. And Lift is far more efficient than Drag!

One Rotor System enough for effective roll damping?

Not only does one RotorSwing perform extremely well but in contrast to regular stabilization fins, the rotors do not have a steering effect . (See sketch) Since the rotors are positioned horizontally and parallel to the water surface, any steering effect as a result of the Lift force is no question .The RotorSwing can thus be positioned much more flexible lengthwise in the vessel. An ideal position can often be found outside the engine room.

Een Rotor genoeg voor slingerdemping?

Ja, één rotor is vaak voldoende. Niet alleen presteert één RotorSwing zeer goed, maar in tegenstelling tot gewone stabilisatievinnen hebben de rotors geen sturende werking. (Zie tekening verder) Doordat de rotors horizontaal zijn gepositioneerd en dus parallel met het wateroppervlak, is van enige sturende werking als gevolg van de Liftkracht is geen sprake. Daarom kan de RotorSwing flexibeler worden geplaatst in de lengte in het schip (zie foto met montage vlak bij de spiegel). Een ideale positie kan altijd worden gevonden, ook buiten de machinekamer .

Forced Roll

Forced roll is a function that  comes standard with our RotorSwing roll damping system. This forced roll mode is basically a testing mode for the RotorSwing, that makes your yacht roll drastically as if you were riding "the perfect storm".

Forced Roll - Rollen op stil water

Om de capaciteit en functionaliteit van het systeem te kunnen testen, brengen wij het schip in een “forced roll” beweging. Het is dan iedereen meteen duidelijk wat het systeem kan doen bij een onaangename zeegang. Forced Roll is een standard functie in onze roldemping systemen. Wij gebruiken deze functie om te beoordelen of het system naar behoren functioneert.

pannel for Magnus rotors

Raymarine screen for Magnus RotorSwing

Touchscreen interface & position indicator for RotorSwing.


After several request from our customers we have developed both hardware and software that indicates the position of the rotors under the hull. Future developments will be the “app” controlled operation on tablets and smartphones.

Touchscreen bediening voor RotorSwing stabilizer.

In nauwe samenwerking met RayMarine technici heeft RotorSwing Marine een visuele interface ontwikkeld voor de bediening van hun Magnus effect stabilizers. De fraaie uitvoering op het standard RayMarine display past naadloos in de moderne manier van bediening.

The RAKE Patent

Magnus Effect stabilizers are becoming more and more common these days. They are famous for their incredible roll damping behavior at low speeds from 3 knots upwards to approximately 8-12 knots.

Het RAKE Patent

Magnus effect stabilizers worden steeds meer toegepast. Hun specifieke eigenschap om het slingeren bijzonder goed te dempen bij snelheden vanaf 3 knopen tot maximum ca. 8-12 knopen wordt enorm gewaardeerd.

Visit Us At The METS 2015 For The WING Stabilizer

RotorSwing Marine introduces brand new product

Friday, November 13th, 2015

RotorSwing Marine will be introducing our brand new invention, the "WING Stabilizer".  Please come join and check us out at the METS Trade stand 02.531

The RotorSwing roll damping system has been extremely successful for yachts up to 50 feet (15 meters). Ever since its inception just a few years ago, we have installed 60 RotorSwing stabilizer systems on many yachts.  This number is rapidly growing, as many yacht owners are seeing that this system has too many benefits to simply neglect. However, all of us here at RotorSwing Marine are constantly listening to our clients needs, and we have discovered that there is a high demand for a roll stabilizing system for yachts that also functions well with speeds above 15 knots.

Roll damping, pitch damping and yaw control

We are very excited to be able to introduce a brand new patented system called the WING Stabilizer.  Just like the RotorSwing, the WING Stabilizer is a retractable stabilizer system. The big difference however, is that the WING (as the name indicates) is similar to a stabilizing fin but with additional functions and improvements.  Firstly, the WING Stabilizer is a high aspect ratio fin (longer than it is wide). Secondly, this system not only functions extremely well for roll damping, but it is also invented for pitch damping, yaw control, and roll damping while at anchor or adrift. These benefits make it the most effective all-round stabilizer system for yachts on the market today!

While laying for anchor, many yacht owners complain about being pestered frequently by speedboats or other large wave producing boats. The ZeroSpeed function keeps your yacht from rolling by acting extremely fast and efficient.

Finally, the WING Stabilizer offers dynamic positioning and emergency propulsion.  Watch the video above to get a better idea what to expect when you buy the WING Stabilizer.  We hope to see you at stand 02.531 to answer all of your questions!         Download the press release here


For more information, contact Philip Erkens:

RotorSwing Marine
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The Netherlands
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The Retractable Magnus Effect Stabilizer

Monday, September 21st, 2105

Yacht stabilization while cruising, at anchor and adrift

There are many different roll damping systems on the market today, all with their own advantages and specialization. RotorSwing is the first electrically driven roll damping system for yachts up to 30 meters. This stabilizer for yachts not only allows for roll damping while cruising but also while at anchor and adrift. RotorSwing is based on the Magnus effect and uses rapidly rotating cylinders which, subject to the direction of rotation, generate large up and downward pressures to stabilize the yacht.


Inventor and yacht enthusiast Theo Koop, who has been in the roll damping industry for over 40 years, has invented a yacht stabilizer that utilizes the Magnus effect. This has proven to be a huge success around the globe. For over 15 years, Koop has manufactured the so called Rotory stabilizer (better known as Maglift) for Quantum Marine. While with this company he mainly focuses on the mega yacht industry, Theo's relatively new company RotorSwing Marine delivers roll damping systems to yachts up to 30 meters.


The main benefits of the RotorSwing is that they are fully electrical and that they are extremely efficient both while cruising and while at anchor and adrift. At higher speeds (above 12 knots), the so called “RAKE” function automatically is being initiated, which results in the rotors being partially retracted to fight the increased drag force due to this higher speed. This RAKE function also saves fuel without negatively impacting the roll damping percentage of up to 95 percent!


We have been able to give birth to a very powerful Magnus roll damping system, for yachts up to 30 meters (100 feet), which offers

 stabilization while cruising, at anchor and adrift.”  says Theo Koop, owner of RotorSwing Marine


When going astern, the RotorSwing triggers a safety feature to fully retract the rotors to minimize the change of damage. This feature alone has made many yacht owners switch to this system.  While Stabilizer fins are effective, their sizes are limited by the hull's envelope. Since the RotorSwing is a retractable stabilizer system, they don't have to be limited in size or placement. Also, they are located horizontally which increases their effectiveness drastically.  Rigorous testing has proven that there is no steering effect, since the RotorSwing favors the placement towards the aft of the yacht and doesn't function like a rudder as seen with fin stabilizers.


In Europe, this stabilizing system has proven to be a huge success and it is more than likely to expect the same for the United States in the coming months.  We are currently looking for distributors and agents.


magnus yacht stabilizer

The rotors are placed horizontally and towards the aft, to maximize the roll damping effect and nullifying steering effect.


This yacht stabilizer is supplied with the patented “RAKE” function, to rotate the rotors towards the aft while sailing at higher speeds. This reduces drag.

Roll damping

The RotorSwing Multi4 provides the yacht owner with roll damping while cruising, at anchor and while adrift.


The Multi4 system retracts automatically while going astern or adrift to protect against damage.


For more information, contact John Koop:


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