RotorSwing Holland introduces a new stabilizer line: the Fin. Available in both Underway and ZeroSpeed version.


Further to our successful Magnus effect stabilizers, the Fin now provides optimum roll damping from low sailing speeds. The unique mechanical design excels in quietness and, in combination a highly advanced electronic system, ensures the captain the most advanced roll damping.

A new design based on nearly 25 years of roll damping experience.


Based on the Patented ZeroSpeed from the RotorSwing rotors, the Fin will be also available with full ZeroSpeed functionality, a unique feature in this size of fin stabilizers. The smooth movements of the servo-motor driven gearbox will optimize the roll damping at anchor or adrift.

A truly great expansion in our product line.

Main benefits

  • 100% Electric
  • Both Underway and ZeroSpeed version
  • High Performance at High Speed
  • Performance at ZeroSpeed
  • Low Resistance
  • Silent Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Increased Comfort, Safety & Relaxation
  • Removable Fin possibility
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Unique In-House Made High Efficient Gearbox
Vessel Data Collection

Vessel Data Collection

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