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Below you will find just a few of our happy RotorSwing Stabilizer clients who opted for our Magnus Rotors.

RotorSwing Marine has sold over 100 Magnus Rotors worldwide.  This number is growing rapidly as many boat owners are becoming aware of the many benefits that RotorSwing offers compared to other stabilizer systems.   Will your yacht be next on this list to enjoy the comfort of a RotorSwing Stabilizer?

Please find below a few of our happy stabilized clients.  

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Our new RotorSwings have survived the first tests on the North Sea and we are both delighted. On the first day from Stellendam to Scheveningen the sea was very calm and only the waves of large seagoing vessels against Rotterdam were a challenge. But today we had a nice beam and a following sea too. The RotorSwing system has responded superbly and it was a very relaxing ride from Scheveningen to Amsterdam. Before IJmuiden a pilot vessel passing us with almost 50 km/h offered us an optimal test wave us. Bravo, test passed.

Wiggerl Atzberger

MY Conch

MotorYacht Montrevel has been outfitted with 4 RotorSwing 140 units. After 20 years in service, the old KoopNautic Magnus units needed replacement. The owner decided to use the RotorSwing system because of his positive experience with these Magnus stabilizers. He, a former engineer involved in the development of the Multi-V belt drives, loved the idea that RotorSwing Marine used this type of drive. Multi-V belts are used by millions in cars and industrial equipment and have proven its enormous reliability.

We are glad that we can welcome the Montrevel as an example for larger yachts being equipped with 4 rotors.

M.Y. Montrevel

4 rotorswing units for Montrevel

Last spring, we installed Magnus Rotors under our seagoing steel, round bilge Vryburg PB- 61 (18.5 meter , 62 ton ) as a replacement for a far from optimal functioning Seakeeper gyro stabilizer. In previous ships we had gained very positive experience with hydraulic fins and were frankly somewhat reserved with the RotorSwing principle.

With these Magnus Rotors, we made a six month journey to the north part of Norway, a few thousand miles over open sea with good, but also with a lot of bad weather, and large transverse waves .

The Magnus Rotors from RotorSwing Marine performed excellent and have proven itself sufficiently. Without these yacht stabilizers we would have never been able to complete this voyage!

M.Y. Vryburg Yachting BV. - Kees Groeneweg 

Magnus rotors

Magnus Rotors under the MY Vryburg.

The RotorSwing philosophy is to test their stabilizers thoroughly before bringing them to the market.

This Linssen 430 Grand Sturdy did function a such a test bed. The result? Carbon rotors to minimize the mass and to make the system more responsive to the smallest waves.

M.Y. Tessera -  Grand Sturdy Range Cruiser 450 with Magnus Rotors from RotorSwing

Magnus Rotors

Linssen Grand Sturdy with Magnus RotorSwing.

One of the reasons we went for a RotorSwing stabilization system is the fact that we also sail a lot on inland waterways and the rotor system is much less vulnerable than a system with fins. We have one of the first RotorSwing systems and therefore kept in mind that we could face a few teething issues and some associated risks bearing seeing as our yacht is relatively large and heavy.

We use the boat intensively with the whole family, sail a lot and put her to the test and that includes the rotor system. We knew nothing other than the boat being very comfortable and stable. That was until we returning from Lowesoft with wind force 7 and the system failed.  It was then that we experienced how it is to have to sail without a rotor system. The problem turned out to be with the fan and therefore the cooling of the system and luckily not with the system itself.  We had loaded the system heavily and for a very long period of time causing the fan to overheat. The service we experienced from RotorSwing was very professional and very good and they are now in the process of looking for a good, permanent solution to the problem. Meanwhile, following close consultation, we have emergency measures in place and we can enjoy the rest of the season with a very stable and comfortable yacht.”

M.Y. Soeticheyt  - Aad de Ruyter with Magnus stabilizers from RotorSwing

Magnus Rotors

The Magnus Rotors from RotorSwing were installed on the MY Soeticheyt.

Installing RotorSwing Magnus stabilizers in this round bilge MotorYacht was not easy.

Due to limitations of existing fuel tanks in the sides, the rotors needed to be placed rather near to the keel, not optimal for the stabilizing moment arm. Therefore we chose to install the long RotorSwing version each with 1,25 m long rotor tubes.


The graph shows the results of “forced roll” tests. This is a known method to determine the capacity of the system for each application. It can be seen from this graph that after heavy forced roll angles – up to 14 degrees! – the damping to near zero angle is almost immediately.  


M.Y. Balaena - Round Bilge yacht with Magnus Rotors from RotorSwing

RotorSwing Magnus

RotorSwing Magnus on MY Balaena

Magnus Rotorswing

Forced roll with magnus RotorSwing

The famous Linssen Yachts, largest steel yacht builder in the Netherlands, is one of the most important customers for RotorSwing Marine. With over 30 ships with our Magnus stabilizers installed the list of happy customers get longer every day…. 

M.Y. Tessera -  Grand Sturdy Range Cruiser 450 with Magnus Rotors from RotorSwing

Magnus RotorSwing from RotorSwing marine on steel vessel

Steel yacht with Magnus Rotors

One of the latest additions to the Linssen Yachts fleet of displacement cruisers is the 53.9 Wheelhouse.

This top of the line cruiser has a twin Magnus RotorSwing 140 1250 installation, fitted to ensure optimum performance. The new control has a RAKE setting to minimize drag during cruising. The simple operation is based on the elegant but simple panel where one push means RAKE, a second push means max DRIVE position. Automatic PARK position will be reached when the throttle is placed in neutral or astern.


This vessel is the 35’th Linssen Yacht installed.

Magnus rotors

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