WING Yacht Stabilizer

The WING Yacht Stabilizer for Roll damping, Pitch damping and Following sea

yacht stabilizer WING from Rotorswing

The WING yacht Stabilizer

The newest invention from RotorSwing is called the WING Yacht Stabilizer. This new patented system offers control for:

  1. Roll damping while cruising
  2. Roll damping at anchor
  3. Pitch damping
  4. Yaw control (yacht stabilization for a following sea)
  5. Trim control (yacht trim tab)
  6. Emergency propulsion (when the engines fail)
  7. Dynamic positioning

The multi-functionality is what makes the WING a huge success.

A yacht owner should not only demand comfort while sailing at half wind (roll damping), but with any type of wind or sea condition.  Roll damping at anchor is another great benefit which makes yachting pleasurable again!

The Wing stabilizer offers much more than roll damping...

RotorSwing animation to demonstrate the main WING functions

Since our successful RotorSwing, RS Marine received many request to develop a system to control roll damping along with pitch damping and yaw control.  It was important however to keep offering our famous roll damping at anchor (ZeroSpeed).

After much research and testing, the WING Stabilizer has proven to become a huge success.


This short 3D yacht animation shows the main capabilities of the WING stabilizer.  It also clearly demonstrates the Dynamic Positioning (DP) and Emergency Propulsion (EP).

3-axis yacht stabilization

3-axis yacht stabilization for roll damping, pitch damping and yaw control

The owners of yachts between 12 and 40 meters (40 – 130 feet) will benefit from the patented 3-axis yacht stabilization that only this system provides.

While most yacht stabilizers provide roll damping (1-axis), the WING yacht stabilizer controls yacht stabilization over all main 3-axis.  RotorSwing has repeatedly been asked to come up with an affordable stabilizer that not only offers roll damping but also offers pitch damping and yaw control. 

This system is the answer if you are looking for yacht stabilizer that controls all 3-axis of rotation.  The patented system also controls Dynamic Positioning (DP) and Emergency Propulsion (EP).

Download the newest press release to learn more about this yacht stabilizer.

A retractable yacht stabilizer

While docking or when there are no waves, the WING yacht stabilizer neatly folds up against the hull for safety and to minimize the drag force.

Because of the retractability, the fin can extend the boundaries stipulated by the hull's envelope. This has a huge impact on efficiency.  The WING automatically retracts while idling and when going astern.  Safety is our first concern!

retractable boat stabilizer


Tremendous amount of lift force is being generated to provide roll damping up to 95 percent. The system is also extremely efficient in pitch damping!

Notice the horizontal positioning of the WING.  The WING swivels around a perfect horizontal axis, rather than an axis perpendicular to the hull.  This generates a much higher lift than traditional fin stabilizers.

Roll damping, pitch damping

stabilization at anchor - ZeroSpeed

While at anchor, the yacht stabilizer creates the comfort you demand.

The system is extremely quiet due to the hybrid system that switches to electric while at anchor.  The WING stabilizer is also beneficial when pestered by fast wave generating boats while at anchor.


Emergency propulsion and dynamic positioning

Trouble with the engine(s)?  The RotorSwing WING Stabilizer is able to provide you with Emergency Propulsion (EP) and Dynamic Positioning (DP).

With the help of the WING, you will be able to maneuver your yachcht forward, backward and even fast turns. This can be a tremendous relief when experiencing engine trouble or if you want to maneuver without starting the engines.  Another RS Marine invention!

dynamic positioning and emergency propulsion yachts

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