Roll damping and Pitch damping:

Roll damping and pitch damping for ships is what RotorSwing Marine specializes in. Download Media about Magnus Rotors and WING stabilizers.

roll damping and pitch damping

RotorSwing Marine is specialized in roll damping and pitch damping for ships.  We constantly are making improvements on the Magnus Rotor and WING  Stabilizer. The main focus of RotorSwing Marine is to stay ahead in terms of technology, and to listen to our customers who demand yacht stabilizers that do more than simply roll damping. For yachts with slow to medium cruising speeds, the RotorSwing (magnus rotor)is the solution.  For faster yachts, we suggest our newest product: the WING Stabilizer.  You can download more information below.

WING ship Stabilizer - Roll damping, pitch damping and yaw control

Magnus Rotors brochure

The WING Stabilizer offers much more than the familiar roll damping.  The retractable WING Stabilizer also offers pitch damping, and yaw control.  A ZeroSpeed function will be added soon for roll damping at anchor and adrift.

RotorSwing Hybrid - The improved Magnus Rotor

Magnus Rotors brochure

The RotorSwing Hybrid is the improved Magnus Rotor that is both Hydraulic (to control the deploy, Rake and retract movements) and Electric (to rotate the rotors around its axis to generate the Magnus effect).  The RAKE function saves fuel and speed limitations.

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